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This is where you will find service schedules and announcements of interest to our parishioners, along with news of special events for both our members and the public.

Check here regularly for special announcements and schedules. NOTE: There are many special services during Great Lent, please check the calendar!

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Regular Services and Special Services
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Monday - Thursday
6:45 p.m. - Daily Vespers

5:00 p.m. - Confessions
5:45 p.m. - 9th Hour
6:00 p.m. - Great Vespers

8:45 a.m. - Orthros
10:00 a.m. - Divine Liturgy


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Meetings and Activities

See this week's Bulletin


Prayer Requests

Therese Abla, Bev Adkins, George & Virginia Ablah, Glee Bayouth, Mel Bayouth, JoAnne Brittain, Eugene Cohlmia, Freddy Cohlmia, Jace Cohlmia, Caylor, Steven Chlentzos, Kent Criser, Vicki Farha, The Gill family, Sarah Ginskey, Sheena Gordon, Karen Hanna, The Hanna Family, Helen Harder, Amy Hodge, Max Holcomb, Robert Holcomb, Cheryl Hurley, Casey Jameson, Shannon Kelly, Marla Laham, Donna Larson, Fr. Bob Layne, Jimmie Livengood, Paula Livingston, Rochelle Massad, Mary McBlaine, Dennis Miller, Mark Morrow, Sandy Murray, Marlene Nadeau, Teresa Potts, Hilary Price, the Reese family, Cristina Rotaru, Dorothy Schiffel, Suzanne Schiffel, Shannon Schnell, Billie Shadid, Robin Sipp, Merle Speer, Mike Spivey, Kami Steele, Randa Stevens, Ronnie Stevens, Leighton Sullivan, Ann Sutherland, Daniel Tadesse, Aiden Valdez

Please remember those serving in the Armed Forces: KC Coons, Alex Cox, LTC David L. Jones, Alex Livingston, Michael Schooley, Tristan Tafolla and Michael Vilvan.

Please remember those serving as Missionaries: Fr. Isaac Farha at Holy Transfiguration in Hillsboro, Three Hierarch's Mission in Garden City, Seminarian Michael Trefon in Alaska, Fr. Sophronius in Tanzania, Floyd & Ancuta Frantz in Romania, Nathan & Gabriela Hoppe, Sister Nektaria & orphanages in Calcutta, Peter & Sharon Gorges in Uganda, Hieromonk Phanourios (Sidebottom) in Fiji, the boys, staff and volunteers of Project Mexico and St Innocent Orphanage., Fr. Peter & St. George Cathedral in Sweida.

Memory Eternal
Grant, O Lord, rest eternal in blessed falling asleep to thy servants, the ever-memorable founders and benefactors of this holy house, the priests and deacons who have served therein, and all our Orthodox fathers and brethren who have fallen asleep in thy communion in the hope of resurrection unto life eternal, and make their memory eternal!

Tom Dulos (father of Ron and Barbara Dulos), 7/20

Donald Sturgill, 7/18

Ida Shaw (mother of Gail Jabara), 7/16

Hunter Mitchell, 7/9

Rose Harris, 7/8

Helen Cohlmia, 7/8

Howard Clark (father of Greg Clark), 7/2, Huron, SD

Mabrook! Blessings! Many Years!


Enzo Lawrence Phillips, 8/17
Son of Cooper & Alexis (Christian) Phillips

Alisa Anna Oleksandrivna Rud, 7/15
Daughter of Oleksander and Liliya Rud

Hugo Mark Fernandez, 7/13


Henry Salloum, 8/23


Ryker Scott Jabara, 7/19, son of Bacheus and Melinda Jabara


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